BEA is a leader in the transit market, where technology innovation faces the challenge of adapting it to the social factor. Whether it is to update mobility in large cities with developing economies in Latin America, or attending small fleet communities in North America, at BEA we understand urban mobility and create solutions for passengers.

What do we do?

End-to-end technologic and consultancy solutions for the modern transit operation. Access control, Smart Fare Collection, Strategic project engineering, Transition to Integrated Systems.


Government institutions, concessionary transit companies, individual concessionary companies.


• Transit companies, Terminal administration, Transit access control and Venues access control.
• 1 to 20 thousand bus projects, no fleet is too small.
• Public transit projects and other modes such as metro, BRT, minivan, etc.
• Integrated Transit Systems

Competitive Advantage

• Own Design and R&D.
• Own Manufacture and Production Plant.
• Direct Operation Management of provided technologies.
• Project Engineering & Transit Strategic Consultancy.
• Compatible with other technologies.
• Patented and copyrighted technologies.

Partnerships and Alliances

• ModuTram
• Diginome
• Wolpac
• OECD DD Guidance
• Moller y Asociados


Previous background in government, urban development and public administration in Mexico, founder Pedro Jiménez, created BEA in 1990. Ever since, it has accomplished a solid timeline of innovation in the technology business. Mexican National Exportation Prize 2010.

Headquarters & Offices

Headquarters Guadalajara, México; Offices at Canada and USA, and throughout Central and South América.

Management Team

• Pedro Jiménez González, President and CEO
• Ignacio Lomelí Sánchez, VP Projects (operations)
• Ignacio Baeza Ramos, VP Engineering
• Rigoberto Jiménez González, VP Sales and marketing
• Pedro Jiménez Ochoa, CEO BEA Usa
• Juan Liverant, CEO BEA Canada
• Rigoberto Jiménez García, CEO BEA Central and South America

In Bea Group work more that 400 people