Design, Research &[b]Development[/b]

Design, Research &Development

We are proud to hold a full time transit technologies lab. With over thirty specialized engineers, our Design, R&D department, is constantly facing the challenges of innovation. We own the patents and copyright of our products, for we control design to create our own hardware devices, as well as the software applications; to meet the specific needs of every city.
Manufacturing &[b]Production plant[/b]

Manufacturing &Production plant

At BEA we have developed and consolidated our own manufacture since 1990. At local plant based in Guadalajara, Mexico, we design, build and put together our own products for the market needs. We are able to create and develop custom made solutions, according to each project demands.


Walking through the process of implementing technologies with our clients is always a priority to us at BEA. The process of modernization of transit, requires deep knowledge and proper management of both hardware and software tools. We get involved and are committed to the success expected from our clients throughout the whole process.
Transit Operation[b]Management[/b]

Transit OperationManagement

The unique complexity of each project may call BEA for operation of the technologies. We have put together a team of experts to handle the operation of the technologies acquired, so everyone is able to focus into their own tasks. We provide the outcome reports, statistics and all reliable data for the proper decision making, both transit authorities and entrepreneurs.