The Passenger Access Control systems provide all devices to best control access both on board units as well as on site stations. Our Fare Collection systems are designed to improve the quality of the transit service altogether, as well as avoiding fare elusion. Bus operators will not have to deal with money nor lose their timetable due to charging. Our systems are able to handle income for several transit enterprises within one route.

The BEA Smart Cards are custom designed for your operation. Cards can be produced for a range of passenger classes such as adult, senior, student, child, employee and so on. The BEA system accommodates personalized cards by allowing customer’s photograph to be printed on the card. BEA smart cards can also be produced for special events and conferences.

There are two kinds available:

  • Permanent cards that can be reloaded
  • Disposable cards that are pre-loaded with a fixed number of trips and cannot be reloaded