BEA’s Software Suite of Programs and Mobile Apps ® are the perfect tools to help the entrepreneur be updated and has access to necessary data for the best decision making. A healthy profitable business is always based on reliable and right-on time information. You will be able to track all your operations online and in real time, as well as playback a file, minute by minute to search for details.

We have also observed that based on data, bus operators do feel more relaxed in their work environment and become more likely to prove their skills and professionalism.

The unique complexity of each project may call BEA for operation of the technologies. We have put together a team of experts to handle the operation of the technologies acquired, so everyone is able to focus into their own tasks. We provide the outcome reports, statistics and all reliable data for the proper decision making, both to transit authorities and entrepreneurs.

Real Time Monitoring Service

  • Speeding per hour and location
  • Bus location in real time
  • Number of buses in service in real time
  • Buses at maintenance
  • Traffic congestion indicator
  • Geographic locator of anomalies and out-of-route buses